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Monday, July 12, 2010

Soccer vs Cricket

Monday, July 12, 2010
Football (Soccer) and Cricket are among the most popular games in the world. These games have huge money, name and fame. Billions of people are die hard fans of these wonderful sports. Let's see which game wins in the comparison below:

How Many Teams are there in Football and Cricket

Football has more teams and playing nations than cricket. In cricket, there are only 9 Test Playing nations. But Football is played in 203 countries. In cricket world cup, hardly 14 to 16 countries participate. In Football world cup there are 32 countries involved. In Football, 80 countries compete with each other to qualify for the world cup. Many European Football clubs are so famous worldwide and their first division leagues are also exciting. These matches are far more popular than Indian IPL.

What is the Prize Money and Income of Players

In Soccer, players get between 10 to 20 million dollar as man of the match and, in cricket, players get around half million to 1 million dollar.

Premiere Leagues Contract

Soccer players get between 100 to 300 million dollar as per contract but in Cricket, players get between 10 to 30 million dollar.

How many people watch these games around the world

3000-4000 million people watch soccer in the world on the other hand1000-1500 million people like to watch Cricket Matches.
Both cricket and football are team games,but in cricket, matches can be won without the need for every player performing.In football every player has to be involved throughout the 90 minutes of play,but cricket provides the scope for every player in the field to relax a bit every now and then.Moreover I personally like to play football as it takes out lots of calories from my body.

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