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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short History of Internet

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
The conceptual foundation for creation of the Internet was largely created by three individuals and a research conference, each of which changed the way we thought about technology by accurately predicting its future:
  • Vannevar Bush wrote the first visionary description of the potential uses for information technology with his description of the "memex" automated library system.
  • Norbert Wiener invented the field of Cybernetics, inspiring future researchers to focus on the use of technology to extend human capabilities.
  • The 1956 Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence conferencecrystallized the concept that technology was improving at an exponential rate, and provided the first serious consideration of the consequences.
  • Marshall McLuhan made the idea of a global village interconnected by an electronic nervous system part of our popular culture.
In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik I, triggering US President Dwight Eisenhower to create the ARPAagency to regain the technological lead in the arms race. ARPA appointed J.C.R. Licklider to head the new IPTO organization with a mandate to further the research of the SAGE program and help protect the US against a space-based nuclear attack. Licklider evangelized within the IPTO about the potential benefits of a country-wide communications network, influencing his successors to hire Lawrence Roberts to implement his vision.
Roberts led development of the network, based on the new idea of packet switching invented by Paul Baran at RAND, and a few years later by Donald Davies at the UK National Physical Laboratory. A special computer called an Interface Message Processor was developed to realize the design, and the ARPANET went live in early October, 1969. The first communications were between Leonard Kleinrock's research center at the University of California at Los Angeles, and Douglas Engelbart's center at the Stanford Research Institute.
The first networking protocol used on the ARPANET was theNetwork Control Program. In 1983, it was replaced with the TCP/IPprotocol invented Wby Robert KahnVinton Cerf, and others, which quickly became the most widely used network protocol in the world.
In 1990, the ARPANET was retired and transferred to the NSFNET. The NSFNET was soon connected to the CSNET, which linked Universities around North America, and then to the EUnet, which connected research facilities in Europe. Thanks in part to the NSF's enlightened management, and fueled by the popularity of the web, the use of the Internet exploded after 1990, causing the US Government to transfer management to independent organizationsstarting in 1995.
And here we are.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guide to MLM Marketing

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Having a mlm home business has never been so easy. The ever-increasing popularity of the Internet and electronic tools and gadgets take care of half the battle. There is nothing that beats the business opportunity that mlm home based businesses have to offer.
Imagine working from home in your pajamas or comfy jeans. You can make more money than the people you used to work for without spending a minute stuck in traffic on your way to the office.
By the time your mlm home business is well established, your typical work week may include 5 to 10 hours of enjoyable tasks that keep your marketing network running smoothly. After these few and short hours, work is over.
Making a network work isn’t impossibly difficult. You can’t use a magic bullet, book, device, software or any type of equipment to change how easy or hard it is. Just think back a few decades ago; many people would have been really scared to open a franchise, start a home business or start a mlm affiliate program. Why is that? People have to put in extra hours to make things work.
Some mlm home business programs proclaim to be the best but soon end up bankrupt. This is one of the reasons why people believe mlm is phony and people behind these programs can’t be trusted. Before judging mlm business programs, you should realize that the best program and best company simply don’t exist. “Best” is defined by inherent characteristics that are shown and approved by others.
Instead of judging these programs without facts, you should read, study and learn more about mlm home based businesses. After the marketer has acquired some knowledge on the subject, he or she can figure out how to input this knowledge in his own mlm business.
If you decide to build your own mlm home business, you realize that it is a “business”, not a hobby and nothing worth having in the business world comes for free. Make an upfront commitment to spending some time and money. That’s it. Free gifts are not likely to be super effective and useful. Look into various options and find a product or service that you love. Join a company that sells this product or service. You can then build your own mlm home business using the Internet and a system that works.
As with all other types of businesses, leading a successful venture requires the necessary business skills. That being said, an mlm business marketer doesn’t require special skills to run his or her multi-level network. The mlm home based business marketer can learn all required skills while running their business according to its marketing plan.
If you want to start a home-based trade, starting an mlm home business makes sense. An mlm home based business has many benefits to offer and it costs very little to get started. Use a proven system like franchise opportunities and make profits in a shorter time frame.
An mlm home business can be the perfect vehicle for those who wish for more income while maintaining a 9 to 5 job or those who want to build a nice retirement fund. MLM home based business success is within reach and it can improve your family’s financial situation.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa Football Worldcup Schedule With Venues

Friday, June 11, 2010
Fifa Football World Cup is going to start from 11th of June, 2010. I just wanted to share a few information bits that I have organized about the world cup.
Here I will discuss about:
  • World cup teams
  • Date wise complete matches information
  • First round group matches information
  • Quarter finals
  • Semi Finals
  • The Final
The teams competing in Fifa World Cup 2010
There are 32 teams taking part in the world cup 2010. Here are their names. Click on any of the team for more details about that specific team.
1Algeria17Korea DPR
2Argentina18Korea Republic
5Cameroon21New Zealand
7Côte d’Ivoire23Paraguay
12Ghana28South Africa
Teams have been divided into 8 groups, 4 teams in each group. Here are the groups:
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
South AfricaArgentinaEnglandGermany
UruguayKorea RepublicAlgeriaSerbia
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
DenmarkParaguayKorea DPRSwitzerland
JapanNew ZealandCote d'IvoireHonduras
Starting from 11th of June 2010 till 25th June, there will be 48 matches in total. Here is the detail for all the matches:
Match #DateTimeTeam 1Team 2VenueGroup
111-Jun16:00South AfricaMexicoJohannesburg – JSCA
211-Jun20:30UruguayFranceCape TownA
312-Jun16:00ArgentinaNigeriaJohannesburg – JEPB
412-Jun13:30Korea RepublicGreecePort ElizabethB
914-Jun13:30NetherlandsDenmarkJohannesburg – JSCE
1114-Jun20:30ItalyParaguayCape TownF
1215-Jun13:30New ZealandSlovakiaRustenburgF
1315-Jun16:00Côte d’IvoirePortugalPort ElizabethG
1415-Jun20:30BrazilKorea DPRJohannesburg – JEPG
1716-Jun20:30South AfricaUruguayPretoriaA
2017-Jun13:30ArgentinaKorea RepublicJohannesburg – JSCB
2118-Jun13:30GermanySerbiaPort ElizabethD
2218-Jun16:00SloveniaUSAJohannesburg – JEPC
2318-Jun20:30EnglandAlgeriaCape TownC
2820-Jun16:00ItalyNew ZealandNelspruitF
2920-Jun20:30BrazilCôte d’IvoireJohannesburg – JSCG
3021-Jun13:30PortugalKorea DPRCape TownG
3121-Jun16:00ChileSwitzerlandPort ElizabethH
3221-Jun20:30SpainHondurasJohannesburg – JEPH
3422-Jun16:00FranceSouth AfricaBloemfonteinA
3522-Jun20:30NigeriaKorea RepublicDurbanB
3723-Jun16:00SloveniaEnglandPort ElizabethC
3923-Jun20:30GhanaGermanyJohannesburg – JSCD
4124-Jun16:00SlovakiaItalyJohannesburg – JEPF
4224-Jun16:00ParaguayNew ZealandPolokwaneF
4424-Jun20:30CameroonNetherlandsCape TownE
4625-Jun16:00Korea DPRCôte d’IvoireNelspruitG

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Driving And Engine Performance Monitor

Thursday, June 10, 2010

When it comes to informational data, most automobiles tend to be pretty stingy on details. You really get just the basics - speed, fuel, odometer, and engine temperature. That's not a lot of info especially when you're a tech-hungry geek - we want to see more and fortunately the Car Chip Pro delivers.
No tools or automotive expertise required! Just plug Car Chip Pro into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car's on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance. On-board diagnostics (OBD) data was once available only to professional mechanics. With Car Chip Pro, this same data is now in your hands.
Easy Plug-and-Go Installation
  1. Locate your car's OBDII connector. It's found under the dash of cars, model-year 1996 or later, no more than three feet from the driver's seat.
  2. Plug the data logger in. A gentle push is all it takes.
  3. Start driving. The data logger will start collecting data as soon as you start driving.
  4. Connect the Car Chip to your computer via USB and download the data.
  • Easy installation: plug in under the dash, drive your vehicle, then download the data to your PC
  • Up to 300 hours of trip details (newest data records over oldest)
  • Complete trip details including time/date, distance traveled, speed (1- or 5-second intervals)
  • Log up to 4 of 23 engine parameters
  • Provides individual graphs and summary reports
  • Records/shows extreme acceleration/braking
  • Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms, speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports/graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded)
  • Automatic accident log with last 20 seconds speed data before impact
  • Assign trips as business/commute/personal
  • Calculate gas mileage
  • View/Reset engine diagnostic trouble codes (check-engine light)
  • Test for preliminary emissions status
  • Software (included) lets you review/clear diagnostic codes, view summaries/detail reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Includes: Car Chip Pro data logger, Software CD, USB cable
  • Software works with: Windows 98SE, ME, NT4.0, NT2000, XP, Vista
  • Dimensions: 1.8" x 1" x 1.32" (46 x 26 x 34 mm)

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Awarded Lemon Blogger Template

Yeah finally the extremely beautiful blogger template is here. After 2 days babysitting my baby, and struggling with blogger HTML/XML codes, now this Lemon Twist “Awesome” Blogger Template is available to download.
Please follow instructions below to install this template.
  1. Backup your current template first
  2. Backup all the widgets (optional)
  3. This template on default needs at least 4 HTML/Javascript widgets.
    So if your current template has least then 4 HTML / Javascript widgets, go create the rest widgets before uploading the xml file. You can get all the sample of the widget codes included inside the ZIP file
  4. Upload the template via the Blogger Template Uploader on your dashboard
  5. Done
What should do after Installing this template: (UPDATED!)
  1. Change your blog setting to show only 1 post on the homepage.
    1. Go to your blog setting page
    2. Go to Formatting tab
    3. Change the value of the first field with 1
    4. go to the next step below
  2. Set your post time stamp / date format with the same format as the date format on the demo blog.
  3. Set your feed URL.
    1. Go to your HTML Editor
    2. Find this code RSS 2.03. Change the URL with your own Feed URL
    4. save the template. done
  4. Install your own FavIcon. (Optional)
    Give your blog some unique identity
    This below is new added
  5. Look at the comment list. there is a difference between the author comment and the readers comment. To set that please follow the instructions below.
    1. Go to your blogger template editor, and find this code below
    See the bolded JackBook.Com? Change that with your Blogger Name
    2. Find this code below
    yes, change the bolded one with your 64×64px image.
    3. Find this code below
    change the bolded with your 32×32px image.
    4. Find this code below
    background: url(”http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/6345/authornb8.jpg“) no-repeat left;
    change the bolded with your 75×75px image
Some more new added features:
  1. Built in Swap Blogger Title Hack
  2. The images needed by this template are all hosted on ImagesHack.us
    I host all the images onto my ImagesHack.Us so it should has a larger bandwith limit there. I still recommend you host all the images to your own googlepages, or ImagesHack or any other free images hosting out there but it’s optional anyway.
    JackBook.Com has so many readers, and so many people using my templates.Thousands copies of my templates being downloaded every week. My googlepages account exceed the bandwith limit everyday, even now I use ImagesHack to host the images, but considering that JackBook.Com Templates have so many users there is still a possibility that my ImagesHack Account exceed the bandwith limit too. So it’s still recommended for you to host all the images to your own images hosting. But again, it’s optional. You can leave it as is if you want to.
  3. Featured Post on the Homepage Blog.
    Not like the other templates, this template has a featured post section on the homepage. Your last post will be the featured one. so the featured post is automatic. you don’t have to set it manually.
  4. Beautiful Comment list, with a List of Commentator on a separate panel. 
  5. Using JQuery provided by Google.
    Because the Javascript file hosted on Google Server and used by many other website too, It should load faster then if you host it on your own file hosting.
OK I guess that’s all. I will add more update later if there is something to add.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashionable Decor House Design

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Using Asian décor is a good design because it is a fashionable and classy way to beautify your room. There are lots of ways to apply this design in your house. However, many people are mislaid when it comes to applying Asian design in their room.  To begin, always seek for some ideas to help you in decorating your house.
Applying Japanese influence in your Asian embellishing theme is an accepted choice. One of the most popular choices is the Japanese Shoji screens. These frames are made in wood with a frame design. The design is packed with rice paper. Several shoji screens are simple and some have stunning designs.
It can be used as a room partition or just an ornament. Another item to put to your brilliant Japanese room is the Kotatsu table. It is a rectangular table in a shady finish with bright lines. Some of it has heaters in the center, and are measured in Japan to be an expressive center of a house. The trendy floor covering in Asian style is woven straw pads with colored margins.
These pads or mats are known as goza mats. These pads are utilized for walking, sitting, and resting. They have a couple of separate covers. One is the straw middle and the other one is the spongy reed external edge covered in fabric. These flooring and bench covers will add a reliable touch to your Asian fashion room.
The gong is also one of the most classic parts of Asian internal design. There are a number of special types of gongs and you have to choose one that matches the space of your room. Some gongs are very big, so your space needs to be big to put them. A more convenient size would be a drooping gong.
Usually it measured twelve inches long or more and comes with a hammer to strike the gong. You can buy a classic gong that droops on your divider as an ornament piece. These are beautiful and aid to attach an Asian inspired room together. Generally, there are many means to use Asian decor in your personal room. There are lots of websites and sellers that focus in Asian interior design. Use one of them and be satisfied.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Earning without Adsense

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Have you been banned by Google adsense or are you just looking for more ways to enhance your ad portfolio and make more money from your websites and blogs?
If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then this site has been made just for you.
OnlineHarMONEY is an updated list of the best website monetization programs that are available to webmasters.
We have the best list of CPC, CPM, affiliates, Paid Blogging programs and more.
We hope that this list will be of much use to webmaster who want to earn beyond Google adsense.
Below you will find the best Adsense Alternatives and Make Money Online programs for website publishers.
Also note that we have worked with all the below Ad Networks and are quite satisfied with the results.
You are also at liberty to use more than one Ad Network to monetize your websites and blogs. Although some conditions may apply.
Contextual Ads:
Adbrite: Practically the best Adsense Alternative in term of contextual ads. They have additional ad formats that are good paying and can also be used to compliment your Adsense Ads; inline text ads and full page ads. Payment are only made by checks but the one good thing is that they are very accommodating even towards smaller publishers. So if you have been rejected by other Ad Networks due to lesser traffic, Adbrite might just be the best thing available for you and your sites. OH Rating: 5/5
Bidvertiser: Display the BidVertiser text ads on your website or blog, get paid for every click and have the payments sent directly to your PayPal account. However, the ad pool seems a little limited. OH Rating: 4/5
Clicksor: One has many ad options available from Clicksor. They also offer high paying pop-up ads and full page ads. Very prompt with their payment and they make payment every 15 days via Paypal. However, they do have some joining restrictions with a 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month requirement. OH Rating: 4.5/5
Yahoo YPN: Should have been the best Adsense Alternative by now, but they are either not reviewing applications or take forever to respond. We are adding it to the list as the few people who we know and got approved have given good feedback in term of ad portfolio and payment.OH Rating: */5
Inline Ads:
InfoLinks: In-Text Advertising Network, great for generating additional revenue source without compromising on your ad space and they also are know for high revenue share with publishers. OH Rating: 5/5
~ Inline advertising is also provided by Ad Networks like AdbriteClicksor & Kontera
Ad Widgets:
Chitika: The creator of the very popular eMini Malls, Chitika was the first true alternative to Google adsense. Now they sell a new innovative ad product “Search Targeted Advertising” which basically help you monetize your search engine traffic without displacing your other ad incomes. OH Rating: 5/5
Widget Bucks ~ Not accepting new applications as they are pulling the plug soon!
CPM Networks:
Value Click Media: One of the best eCPM network with the highest payouts. Joining restrictions apply.OH Rating: 4.5/5
Voxant Newsroom: One of the most productive CPM ad network I have participated in. One can earn upto $ 0.50 eCPM by displaying their video feed. No joining restriction, publishers payed by Paypal or check. Only U.S. traffic taken into consideration. High rating for ease of joining. OH Rating: 4/5
Tribal Fusion: One of the top eCPM advertising network with good payouts. However, only sites with a minimum of 2000 unique hits per day can apply. OH Rating: 4.5/5
Paid Blogging:
Pay Per Post: A paid blogging network that pays for reviewing an advertiser’s products and services. One can earn an average of $ 10 for each paid review. $20 for the first opportunity after sign up. A publisher’s blog needs to be at least one month old. OH Rating: 4/5
Sponsored Reviews: An online marketplace where publishers can bid for writing a review for an opportunity. Great transparency and 65% payouts. OH Rating: 5/5
Review Me: A marketplace much suited for bigger blogger, however, opportunity available for smaller bloggers too. OH Rating: 2.5/5
Affiliate Networks:
Click Bank: Largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. Affiliate share as high as 75% on products. OH Rating: 5/5
Text Link Brokers:
Text Link Ads: The largest text link brokers. Sell simple, relevant text ads on your website. Works best for PR 4 and above sites and blogs. OH Rating: 4/5
Other Advertising Networks:
Advertise Your Game: Best suited for entertainment niche sites. Like CPM Star they display Gaming Ads and pay on a CPC basis. One of the better preforming Ad Networks on our gaming and video sites. OH Rating: 5/5
CPMStar: Online advertising network devoted to gamers. Works best on entertainment niche sites like videos, photos and other themes. Some time back they were an exclusive network, but now they are more open to accept smaller publishers. OH Rating: 5/5
Adversal: Popup advertising network paying upto $ 1.20 eCPM. OH Rating: 3/5

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Interview

Monday, June 7, 2010

  • Content of the job talk:
  • Keep the talk very simple - try to present no more than three key points and make sure the audience is very clear on what those points are. "Tell 'em what you're gonna say, say it, and tell 'em what you said."
  • Consider using a few, well-designed view-graphs rather than reading (but keeping reading as a backup option). "Talking to" the audience while pointing to a viewgraph helps keep you focused on and engaged with the audience. Doing it well takes practi ce so make sure you have practiced enough to do it well.
  • Be prepared for likely questions - have colleagues and mentors put you "through your paces" and ask the hardest questions they can think of.
  • "Know your vulnerabilities." Make sure you know as much as possible but be ready to admit that you don't know about certain things.
  • "Plant" questions that you know you are prepared to answer.
  • Explicitly address at least one rival explanation to the argument you are making. This demonstrates that you have thought of, and think about, alternative arguments and know how to deal with them.
  • Format of the job talk:
  • Be prepared and practice your job talk: Make sure you know how long it takes to present it
  • Practice enough so that you exude confidence about your research at the same time that you do not appear defensive.
  • Be confident of what you are presenting so that you don't need to read the whole thing
  • Never exceed your time limit, and try to come in under it. Nobody has ever been criticized for being too brief!
  • Use accessible language, avoid jargon
  • Know how to cut your losses if you make a mistake
  • Have a fully written job talk ready and return to reading if you start "freaking out."
  • Answering questions during the job talk:
  • ok to take time to process the question
  • ok to write down one or two words to remind you of the question parts of a long comment, but don't write too much
  • make sure you are prepared for the hardest questions possible and practice being "under attack" to make sure you don't get flustered
  • have some "prepared" responses to questions that you know you won't know how to answer
  • have some standard phrases (write them on your notepad if you need reminders) that allow you to respond positively to aggressive questioners, e.g., "That's a good question that I have been thinking about recently," or whatever.
  • don't answer questions to the satisfaction of the questioner, answer questions to the satisfaction of the rest of the audience.
  • Remember to give short answers that directly answer the question. Don't go on too long.
  • Don't interrupt or talk over people. Always make sure you leave plenty of space for others to talk.
  • Always answer the actual question asked, regardless of the "subtext" or political element of the question. If a questioner wants to raise politically sensitive issues, engage them, but make them do it explicitly. Don't ask for trouble by raising suc h issues because you think that was what the person was "really" asking.
  • If you become flustered during questioning, take a deep breath, push back from the table, or whatever you need to do to regain your composure fully but quickly. Everyone giving a job talk is nervous, and everyone in the audience will give you some sl ack to be a bit nervous, but try to avoid it getting out of hand. Again, of course, practice helps reduce the need for these things.
  • Know the institution you are applying to, the criteria they will use in the hire, and the process they will use in making a choice. Ask the chair for information about whether teaching or research or both are important. Will you be presenting to fac ulty, grad students, undergrads, or all three? How long will the job talk last? What other elements of the interview process will you have to go through? Should you bring syllabi for certain courses and be prepared to discuss them or not? Make sure you know the answers to these sorts of questions.
  • Remember, the chair is usually on your side and is sincerely interested and invested in making sure that you do the best possible job you can during the interview and that you have the best (but most honest) view of the institution you may be hired fo r.
  • Demonstrate that you would be a good colleague.
  • Demonstrate a sincere interest in the work of the people in the department you are interviewing with. Don't say you have read someone's book if you haven't but do know enough about a few people's work so that you can ask them questions, for example, about how they would approach a current research question you are working on.
  • Never let your hair down. You are interviewing from the moment you step off the plane until the moment you get back on again. Do not give any person any reason to think poorly of you. Do not "badmouth" any of the people you meet to others, or ask ot hers what they think of Professor X.

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